•  Meadow Hay90x80x2.4  £40
  •  Wrapped Drylage80x90x1.5  £35
  •  Mini Heston Rye Grass80x90x1.5  £45
  •  Barley Straw80x90x2.4 £25
  •  Wrapped Haylage80x90x1.5 £35

Whilst every effort will be made to meet customers delivery requirements, our prices are calculated by simply depositing an order at your site. It is not calculated to include driver time for moving the product into storage areas.

Please call Richard Kennard 07831206786 or 01903 877689

*In the event of a failed haylage bale please notify Sussex Manures who will credit or replace such parts in sections. Sussex Manures cannot except whole bale replacement requests if the bale has been disposed of or half consumed. When opening haylage all wrapping must be completely removed and the product must be consumed within five days.