We offer two types or service. Proactive and Reactive. Both services are carried out in accordance with the “Slips, Trips and Falls Regulation’s” put in place to protect employers, employees, the pubic and the sub contractors carrying out the required work.

With a proactive service you get the benefit of an automatic deployment when the temperature drops to -2 degrees. We have deployed at 0 degrees when the ground has been damp and the conditions have been deemed dangerous to drive on. You will be sent a message with our intention to deploy our gritters and if you don’t wish to have your facility gritted then it’s a simple process of replying to the message “Not required”(or something to that effect).

The other advantage to having a proactive service is there is no call out charge and you will also have priority to those who use us on a reactive basis.

Even if you wish to have us grit and make a call to deploy us there is no charge because you are a proactive customer. As a reactive customer you will not receive a call to inform you about our deployment and if you require us to grit you will incur a call out charge and we won’t be able to give you a time of our arrival as the proactive customers take priority.

We receive notification of the weather condition via the met office open site and open road system. We also monitor the local authorities’ actions.

Kennard Plant gritting and winter services offer a winter snow ploughing and gritting service from our depot in Findon West Sussex. Our company has JCB Fastrac tractors with snow plough attachments and salt spreaders. With our 360 plant we have the capacity to open roads and clear snow drifts in severe conditions.

Additionally, with vehicle-mounted salt spreaders we operate a comprehensive gritting service to local councils, industrial premises and property management agencies. Our company is fully insured for commercial snow clearing and we hold full public liability insurance.

With our green footprint in mind, we are identifying local organisations to offer our services to. We are keen for businesses and organisations to register an interest for our gritting service and, in return, these clients will take priority in the event of a heavy snowfall where ploughing is required. Registration at this stage also negates any call out charges.

We will assess your site and provide a price for gritting, clearing snow and gritting or just clearing snow. We then agree to deploy our gritting plant on notification from the Met Office of imminent freezing conditions falling to -2C or below. During a snow event where the snowfall exceeds two inches, we will deploy automatically for pro-active customers once the storm has concluded.

Whether for health and safety reasons or for ensuring customers and staff have access to your business premises all winter we will provide an efficient service that gives you peace of mind.

For more information and to organise a site visit contact us.