Grab Loader Service

We need to be able to pull along side the muck pile and require good access. Only during the dry season will we go into a field to load.

The volume can vary depending on the age and state of the muck. Usually between 25 cyd to 40 cyd. Prices for this service are on application.

Skip Service

We now are able to offer the small customer an 8cyd skip, just a bit bigger than a builders skip.

This will be ideal for those yards with difficult access.

Prices upon Application.

Paddock Maintenance

This machine does a job of three. It breaks up the manure with its tynes as it harrows, then a revolving brush picks up the loose droppings, throwing them into the skip section.

At the rear, a roller helps push the divits back. As well as cleaning your field it takes out the old thatch in the grass.

Cost £27.50 per acre (approx, depending on location).

Bulk Spreading

Usually we carry out an on-site visit to price the job.

We have 14 tonne spreaders and excavators for a fast and quality job. For more information about these services please e-mail: Richard@sussexmanures.com

Agricultural Contracting

  • Grassland work
  • Topping/ Mowing / Rolling
  • Big Baling and Wrapping
  • Bale Chasing